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School Monitoring and Mentoring

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The Deacons and the Mighty Men of Liberty of Liberty Temple Baptist Church act as Monitors & Mentors for the John R. Academy and Performing Arts. The Academy is home to students ages 5-13, which is kindergarten through the 8th grade. As Monitors, the LTBC Deacons and Mighty Men of Liberty work with staff at John R. Academy to make sure it remains a safe and fun learning enviorment for all students. 


Some of the ways the Deacons and the Mighty Men of Liberty assist are:

• In the cafeteria to keep the noise level to a minimum and keep it orderly,
defuse any arguments and disagreements that might potentially develop into a
• As Hall Monitors to keep the halls orderly.
• As Mentors to teach the boys “proper etiquette” and character (such as removing their hats
when they enter the building, pulling up their pants and tucking their shirts
in to present a neat look)

This program is much needed and is growing to be very successful. Through this partnership, the students have become more respectful and the staff/administrators are very appreciative.

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